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What is AICGS?

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) is a nonprofit policy institute affiliated with Johns Hopkins University. Focused on German-American relations, AICGS examines and interprets the policy challenges confronting leadership circles in the German and U.S. constituencies it serves.

Who We Are

Based in Washington, DC, AICGS is the only independent, nonpartisan U.S. think tank focused on German-American relations that partners with policymakers at every level of government, with corporate leaders, and with other policy-oriented actors to craft mutual solutions to today’s biggest issues.

By examining the issues confronting the two countries, AICGS offers insights into how policy choices can reverberate beyond the German-American relationship. We focus on where interests overlap and clash, where experiences and lessons can be shared, and where the partnership can be most effective.

Our Vision

AICGS is an idea producer. Our mission is to provide research that leads to new solutions to public policy challenges facing the U.S. and Germany.

Our Agenda

We look at the critical challenges confronting the U.S. and Germany within a broader global framework. By weaving together respective transatlantic perceptions, narratives, policy responses, and prescriptions, AICGS enhances the debate across the Atlantic. Current areas of focus are:

  • Trade and Financial Governance
  • Cyber Policy
  • Immigration and Integration
  • Cooperation and Conflict with China
  • Elections and Leadership

Our Brand

  • Insights Define challenges
  • Ideas Offer innovative solutions
  • Impact Engage in debate and dialogue

Why the German-American Relationship is Important

Seven decades after the end of World War II and a quarter-century after the end of the Cold War, Germany and the U.S. are reliable allies. Yet even as our two governments work closely to confront modern-day challenges together, our general populations still face significant disagreement on issues ranging from Russia to Cybersecurity to Trade. Germany stands at the center of European affairs and is a key partner in U.S. relations with Europeans in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union. U.S. policy toward Germany is to preserve and consolidate a close and vital relationship with Germany, not only as friends and trading partners, but also as allies sharing common institutions. The bilateral political, economic, and security relationships are based on close consultation and coordination at every level, and the two countries share a valued partnership.

However, in light of the significant changes in Germany’s role, and the European Union in transition, the ways in which Germany and the U.S. need each other are evolving. We cannot take this relationship for granted, and recognize that the transatlantic dialogue will increasingly be defined by changing equations of shared burdens and responsibilities.

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