• Christian Schulz

    Suggestion from a german citizen: Don’t think any more involvement in military affairs will happen. Von der Leyen is a rhetorical chameleon who tailors her speeches/interviews to the intended audience. Inside Germany she’s already gotten a reputation for avoiding real security policy issues and trying to score with the basically anti-militarist population through “soft issues” (like reches or flatscreens). When I read that she claimed our defense budget would rise I burst out laughing spontaneously … especially given he 800 Million €uros that were sliced off last year’s budget mostly because of MoD bungling. Any talk of Germany spending 2% of GDP on defense is ludicrous … I see no political party that would actually dare to argue that way. Actually I don’t see any political person/party (apart from Gauck, but he has no need to look at his chances of reelection) who is willing o expose him/herself and even talk about the military, its role, needs and concept. And as long as this basic silence remains inside Germany any talk about “more engagement” will remain limited to diplomacy and interviews/speeches like vdL’s of recent vintage will remain rhetorical placebos intended to put the outside world to sleep again.