• Leder

    Dear colleagues,

    tehre must be a kink in the AICGS publicationthis time. I am trying to read the New Generations Article by Lily Gardner Feldman, but it takes me to this article when I click on Read more.. Could you please tell me how I can access Dr. Feldman’s article? This is extremely important becaus I think that ove the last twenty years both sides have worked hard on tearing down bridges (e.g. closing America Houses, Goethe Institutes) under the assumption that we are partners anyway and we are beginning to see the rift. So I’d be very interested to see what Dr. Fledman has to say about this…


    Dr. Harald Leder

    • Hello Dr. Leder,

      You are in the right place. Dr. Feldman’s article is a chapter of this publication, and you can find it on pages 17-23.

      Best regards,

      Nicholas Iaquinto
      Communications Coordinator