• Kurt Gamerschlag

    The dual study system is not as inflexible as it is presented. A change of company is possible if the original company and the university agree to the change, and the new company undertakes to offer a “seamless” continuation of the apprenticeship. This may happen because there are serious disagreements between the student and the company, or as a consequence of a shift of study focus, or for personal reasons like the distances between company location, college location and student home proving to be too great to be comfortably negotiated over 3 years.
    It is also interesting to see how many German universities (not just Fachhochschulen) have started to accept applicants with work-based qualifications not only on the “Meister”-level, but also with “Mittlerer Schulabschluss” (MSA) + 2-3 years of certified apprenticeship.
    The vocational training certificate, by the way, is not automatically awarded together with the BA/BSc, but follows a special exam prepared for by extra course work.