• jaydayrock

    This climate modification to fight the already very widespread manipulation of the weather is
    reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.

    The IPCC has already been found to be manipulating public opinion with their now discredited
    reports of climate warming, do we now depend on them to address the important question of
    how to stop the widespread manipulation of the climate through dispersion of nanoparticles,
    aluminum, barium, and various other substances?

    It is time for others to get behind the very brave scientists who dared to expose the truth, the
    Belfort Grouphttp://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=20369

  • Simon Kay

    Ahh yes, good old Jaydayrock and his (unnamed) brave scientists, you can always count on a conspiracy theorist not to read beyond the first page! After all why take a chance on having any of your preconceptions challenged by logical debate?

    This is a thoughtful and insightful paper that examines all aspects of the geoengineering debate. It pulls no punches in considering the risks of geoengineering in the broader scientific, environmental, political and social contexts. But it balances those concerns with the realities of doing nothing or of waiting to find out whether governments’ current mitigation policies will be ultimately be effective. The focus on the USA and German government policies is understandable given the sponsorship, but I would like to see this paper broadened to encapsulate other national policies and programs. A valuable contribution to informed debate on the whole climate issue.