As the magnitude of the refugee crisis becomes ever more apparent, Wolfgang Ischinger, head of the Munich Security Conference and an AICGS Trustee, weighs in on the steps Europe and the world must take to stem the crisis, in this article from Focus (in German).  The EU and its partners must find a political solution in Syria that has Russia’s support; global actors must increase aid to refugees in the immediate crisis region; and the EU and its allies must include military options in their strategies to ultimately bring stability back to the region.

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  • csthor

    I have to disagree with Mr Ischinger insofar, that I believe his idea of “a new start without Assad” doesn’t bear any relation to reality. For starters neither Moscow nor Teheran will want to drop Assad, at least without replacing him with an equally friendly “tough man at the top”. The Iranians will not want to give up their idea of “Shia crescent” nor their access to Hezbollah through Syria and for Moscow Assad has become a symbol for their own “resistance” to the western-dominated world.
    The greater issue, however, is the apparent belief that there can be a stable post-war Syria “if we just take away IS”. To be honest I very much doubt Syria itself has much of an immediate future, the very few pieces of a civil society as we understand it have been ground to dust long ago, the influence of radicals is overwhelming and – as Egypt has shown – they will play a considerable role in the near future, anyway, even if simply through their far-reaching contacts. The end result may very well be a bullet to much to bite for either Washington or Tel Aviv and we’d be back to square one in no time.
    The call for a military answer to IS may be based on moral factors, but the utter lack of any realistic chance of stabilizing Syria given the political, social, religious and moral devastation in the region makes me disagree. The current military campaign already has the whiff of “doing something for the sake of doing something” and that is not good enough a justification to use military force. Not for me, anyway.