• Rob Houck

    Where’s the beef? Can’t we get 20-30 pages on this topic? Of course it will not move the US debate since it’s “foreign”, “socialist”, etc.

    • Jessica

      More analysis will be coming this spring.

  • Ann-Katrin

    German health care system stinks. It’s overpriced and people are encouraged to run to the doctor for everything to even get a small percentage of their cost covered. It is in serious need of a reform. On top of it all you get ill just from trying to leave it if you leave the country and you can’t even legally BE with the health care provider anymore. I have been in Germany for five years, and have been privately insured. Not even the month I actually broke my foot and had to have health care did the health care insurance pay off. It would have been cheaper for me to pay my own hospital bill… All the German system does is encourage doctors and other providers to overcharge. How can something that you in some counties have to pay for yourself (crutches being a good example) otherwise be 10 times more expensive in Germany than in for example the Scandinavian countries?!? Margins, margins, margins. The health care providers are making ridiculous amounts of money misusing a system. I am all for the principle that we all pay a share to make sure everybody gets some coverage but the German system is way too expensive!