Society, Culture & Politics Program

Enhances understanding of the impact of culture on German- American relations and analyzes how cultural beliefs and values, evolving interpretations of historical experiences, and shifting conceptions of national identity shape perspectives and policy responses in the German-American dialogue. The Society, Culture & Politics Program is currently focused on issues of Immigration and Integration, considering the subject as it relates to education, organization, and technology. Under the topic of Reconciliation in Europe and Asia, AICGS looks to Germany for lessons for Japan’s international reconciliation in Northeast Asia.

Daniela Schiek

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Dr. Daniela Schiek was a DAAD/AICGS Fellow in February and March 2014. She studied sociology in Berlin and wrote her doctoral dissertation about the biographical perception of precarious/temporary work. She is currently researching the potential development of a “9/11 Generation” in Germany. Her further research interests are: qualitative methods of social research,… Read more >

Julia Lange

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Julia Lange

Julia Lange is a PhD candidate at the University of Hamburg, Germany and was a Visiting Fellow at AICGS from November 2013 to March 2014. In her dissertation, supervised by Prof. Dr. Susanne Rohr, she examines the interrelation between the politics of memory of German-American institutions and the Holocaust discourse on both… Read more >

Lina Nikou

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During her Harry & Helen Gray/AICGS Reconciliation fellowship, Lina Nikou worked on her PhD project, focusing on how Holocaust survivors and emigrants in the United States experienced the official invitations issued by their cities of origin in Germany. The aim is to conduct an exemplary study on the reception of German reconciliatory… Read more >

Romain Faure

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Dr. Romain Faure was a Harry & Helen Gray Reconciliation Fellow at AICGS. He was preparing a book on international history textbook revision, seeking to display both the historical origins and present challenges of this particular field of cultural diplomacy. The volume is directed to a wide audience: practitioners of history teaching… Read more >

Ruth Wittlinger

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Ruth Wittlinger is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Government and International Affairs at Durham University, UK. She has published widely on post-unification German foreign policy, collective memory of Germany’s Nazi past and European integration. Her most recent publications include a monograph on German National Identity in the Twenty-First Century: A… Read more >

Ja-hyun Chun

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Dr. Ja-hyun Chun was a Visiting Fellow at AICGS from November 2012 through January 2013 focusing on reconciliation in Northeast Asia. Dr. Chun worked to identify how Germany and Japan perceive their wartime atrocities by focusing on ‘acknowledgement’ and ‘denial’ and by examining ‘distinctive memories’ in the public sphere. Specific memories of… Read more >

Carsten Weiß

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Dr. Carsten Weiß is a senior research fellow at the University of Siegen and was a NRW School of Governance/AICGS Fellow from August to October 2012. His research analyzes political communication about the “middle class” in the U.S. Although a lot of sociological research about the dynamics and structure of the middle… Read more >

Seunghoon Emilia Heo

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Seunghoon Emilia Heo joined AICGS as a Reconciliation Fellow in August and September 2012. She is a JSPS Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo with joint affiliation at the United Nations University’s Institute for Sustainability and Peace. Heo’s main interests include interstate reconciliation, regional cooperation, intercultural dialogue, religious diversity and identity politics…. Read more >

Alexander Wochnik

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Alexander Wochnik is a PhD candidate at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. His thesis examines the role of non-state actors in foreign policy-making in Poland and Germany in the context of Polish-German relations. His areas of interest include Polish-German relations, foreign policy, German and Polish domestic politics and European Integration. Alexander holds a… Read more >

Christian Kohlroß

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Dr. Christian Kohlroß was a Non-Resident Fellow at AICGS from June 2012 – November 2012.