RONALD H. LINDEN is a DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow for September and October 2016. He is Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh and has just completed five years (2011-16) as Director of the European Studies Center, a federally funded National Resource Center and a Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence. He was Director of Pitt’s Center for Russian and East European Studies at Pitt from 1984-89 and 1991-98, and served from 1989 to 1991 as Director of Research for Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany.

He is engaged in a yearlong project focusing on the global implications of the changing relationship between the EU and China. Dimensions include investment and trade relations, the impact on EU as a normative and foreign policy actor, and Transatlantic ties. At AICGS he will focus on the role Germany is playing in the evolving “strategic triangle” of the EU, US and China. Germany is one of the most active participants—and beneficiaries–of the economic dimension of China’s rise. As a close US ally, they also have a clear strategic interest in the peaceful rise and integration of a powerful China into the current world order. Especially after Brexit, the role of Germany will be central to the dynamic of US-EU-Chinese relations.

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