Melanie Diermann is a NRW School of Governance/AICGS Fellow and works as a research assistant at the NRW School of Governance, which is part of the Institute for Political Science of the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany). She teaches courses in communication and political science and is working on her dissertation thesis, which focuses on government communication in the institutional framework of seven modern democracies: Germany, U.S., UK, France, Denmark, Sweden, and Austria. Ms. Diermann’s research interests include political communication processes and governmental studies, election and election campaigns, political management, and political marketing.

She is currently working on a paper concerning the communication strategies of the Obama administration and its possible effects for the modernization of German political communication strategies (especially regarding the federal-state level and the prime minister of North-Rhine Westphalia).

Project Description:
While at AICGS, Ms. Diermann will examine the key strategies of the Obama administration, especially regarding his public health care project. More specifically, she will determine:

What types of communication strategies are being used?
Which strategies are “old friends,” and which ones are substantially new?
Do the employed strategies correspond with the institutional framework of the United States and their operational corridor for government communication?
What lessons can be observed by German governments (especially regarding the federal-state level)?