Joern Quitzau (PhD, University of Hamburg) is a Senior Economist at Berenberg, Germany’s oldest owner-managed private bank. In addition, he is a lecturer at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. He specializes in economic trend research and economic policy and has been working on several aspects of the European integration for more than ten years.

Prior to his position at Berenberg, Joern Quitzau worked for Deutsche Bank Research in Frankfurt (2000-2006) with a special focus on tax and fiscal policy.

While at AICGS as a Visiting Fellow in April 2014, he analyzed the long-ranging implications of the Euro Crisis. The leading question was whether the European Union needs an even stricter coordination of its economic policy. In effect, the European confederation could be replaced by a federal state, which might be labelled the “United States of Europe.” However, the European Union has already done a lot of work, as it has launched a series of guidelines, regulations, and treaties. But will the new economic and fiscal framework be sufficient to preserve the euro in the long run? For that, Joern Quitzau compared Europe’s new framework with the economic and fiscal architecture of the United States of America.

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