Ms. Künzel is an AICGS Visiting Fellow in May 2012 working on a project entitled, ‘‘The support for the USA by the EU member states in the Iraq crisis 2003,” an analysis of comparative foreign and security policy.  After September 11, 2001, when ‘‘rogue nations“ like Iraq came into the focus of the Bush administration, the fifteen EU member states disagreed on which position to take vis-a-vis the United States of America. Solidarity with the U.S. and also obligations arising from the UN resolutions were interpreted rather differently regarding form and extent. As a result, no concerted actions were taken within the framework of the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP), but instead each member state executed its individual foreign policy. Those reactions to the U.S. invasion plans ranged from political opposition and refusal of any kind of support to logistical and also military support during main combat operations in Iraq. The CFSP as an institution, which offers foreign policy rules for the EU member states, did not work in the Iraq war and was not regarded as a binding authority by the EU members. In her dissertation, Ms. Künzel analyzes the transatlantic relationships of the EU member states with the United States in 2002/2003 – before and during the crisis in Iraq. The core question Ms. Künzel addresses is why the fifteen states did not show a homogeneous position regarding the support of the U.S. in the Iraq crisis despite common obligations arising from UN resolutions and the CFSP. Ms. Künzel assumes that if an EU member state in a critical situation sees its own national interests threatened by a potential concerted EU action, this state will act individually regarding its foreign policy and try to save its national interests. Therefore, national interests will prevent consistent strategy of all fifteen EU member states.

Ms. Künzel is a doctoral student at the Free University Berlin.  She devoted four years to working for Axel Schäfer, Member of German Parliament and spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party on European Affairs in the Bundestag.  Currently, Ms. Künzel works as an Account Manager for the worldwide communications consultancy, Hill+Knowlton Strategies.