Andreas Seeringer

Andreas Seeringer was an AICGS Visiting Fellow from October to December 2011. He is a PhD candidate at the Berlin University of Technology. Mr. Seeringer holds a Master’s degree in industrial engineering and a Master’s degree in economics from the Berlin University of Technology. He also completed an advanced degree program for economic and tax law at the Ruhr-University Bochum and received a Master of Laws (LL.M.) with honors.

In addition to his academic career Mr. Seeringer has worked for the Deutsche Bundestag and been actively involved in politics in Germany. He has also gained practical experience as an entrepreneur. Due to his broad education, as well as his political and management experience, he is well positioned to work on multidisciplinary topics in the fields of public policy and strategic management.

In his PhD thesis, Mr. Seeringer is developing a political strategies framework based on theories drawn from different fields of study, including economics, sociology and law, as well as on empirical findings. His goal is to show that political strategies should be seen as a part of an overall integrated firm strategy.

During his fellowship at AICGS, Mr. Seeringer worked on a project about political strategies in a globalized world. In this study he will analyze the relationship and the interconnectedness of business and politics in two different governmental systems, using the examples of Germany and the U.S. He will generate insights into the highly dynamic field of international regulation and the attempts of businesses to influence the public policy process at a global level. Mr. Seeringer will show the economic and political ties as well as differences between Germany and the U.S. and develop strategies on how companies can survive in both markets (the U.S. and Germany) by utilizing political strategies.

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