On Wednesday, October 1, from 9:00 – 10:00am, you are invited to join “Learn & Earn: A Young Leaders’ Group for the Development of the U.S. Workforce” for a visit to the Representative of German Industry + Trade (RGIT). This is our first “field trip,” to look at the role of institutions in apprenticeship systems. In every comprehensive training …Read More

It has been 50 years since the first economic migration from Turkey to Europe. Today, 5 million Turkish people live in Western Europe, with Germany hosting 3 million, or 60 percent of this population. Thousands of Turks live in France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, England, and Switzerland. This initial migration of Turks for work purposes has …Read More

The recent financial crisis has demonstrated that housing is a key element of the U.S. economy, with the potential to destabilize the entire global economy. Yet U.S. housing finance policies differ significantly from those of other countries. The seminar analyzes some puzzling differences between the U.S. and Germany in their mix of these policies, including …Read More

Vienna talks between the P5+1 and Iran over its nuclear program have gained ground this past year, but have been overshadowed by events in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The panelists will address the negotiations to date and offer perspectives on Iran and the challenges for the way forward, particularly in reintegrating Iran into the …Read More

As part of German officials’ calls at the 2014 Munich Security Conference for their country’s greater international engagement, President Gauck specifically suggested Germany’s experience with reconciliation and conflict resolution in its own foreign policy as a useful contribution to international peace-building. This workshop looks at the nature, potential, and purposes of both German government and …Read More

On August 21, 2014, the AICGS Foreign & Domestic Policy Program hosted Dr. Günter Krings, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior, for a roundtable discussion. Moderated by Dr. Jackson Janes, President of AICGS, the discussion focused on the clashes between Berlin and Washington over surveillance issues. The line of privacy is …Read More

The fourth meeting of “Learn & Earn: A Young Leaders’ Group for the Development of the U.S. Workforce” featured Katie Gage, Director of the DC branch of Enstitute, who emphasized the need to reinvent the apprenticeship system to keep up with a fast-paced twenty-first century job market. The United States has experienced enormous growth in …Read More

The relative decline of the West’s economic power and ongoing tensions and conflict in eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia have changed geopolitical realities. Shared norms, economic openness, and multilateral institutions have formed the basis of international relations for many years. Yet it is unclear whether this order and institutions like the European Union …Read More

Immediately following the conference on “Skills & Industry: A New American Model” with representatives from Alcoa, Dow, and Siemens, AICGS hosted the panelists along with the Transatlantic Dialogue participants to a dinner sponsored by Alcoa. It was an opportunity to continue the discussion of the previous event and look forward to the Dialogue the following day. Participants represented industry, government, labor unions, and other non-profit sectors from Germany and the U.S.

What kind of workforce does our country need and what career pathways are available to students in Germany and the United States? These questions, among others, were addressed at the first AICGS Transatlantic Dialogue of the States, Cities, and Communities in Washington, DC on May 23. The theme for this year’s dialogue was “How Are …Read More