Explores the factors shaping important foreign and domestic policy debates in the United States, Germany, and Europe as they pertain to German-American relations and the German role in the international arena. The Foreign & Domestic Policy Program includes analysis of International Security Issues. It examines local and national Elections, and the role of Leadership in transatlantic policymaking. The program attempts to gain insight into appropriate reactions and responses to a variety of transatlantic challenges, including security and defense, climate, energy, immigration, intelligence, health care, and terrorism. Under the topic Energy and Climate Policy it examines European energy security and energy strategies for the future.

On December 10, AICGS is co-sponsoring a conference on Afghanistan: Over a Decade of U.S.-German Collaboration and Challenge with the United States Institute of Peace, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the German Atlantic Council (DAG), and the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP). The tragic terrorist attacks in Paris and rising evidence …Read More

The terrorist nightmare that ran rampage through Paris on November 13 is another example of the vulnerability of our world—a world we too often take for granted and about which we argue so vehemently, so openly, and so freely with each other. That world is under attack by those who want another world, one that …Read More

Dr. Jackson Janes, President of AICGS, will moderate a Podiumsdiskussion on the American elections and their implications for the German-American relationship on Wednesday, December 2, 2015, in Berlin. See the invitation for information on the discussion and how to register. Registration deadline is November 30. View Invitation

At 96 years of age, Helmut Schmidt, former Chancellor of Germany and respected elder statesman, passed away on 10 November 2015, in Hamburg. He had been active in the German Parliament from 1953 to September 1986—serving as Germany’s fifth chancellor from 1974 to 1982. In the economic field he successfully dealt with the two oil …Read More

The reactions to the attacks in Paris have demonstrated the special character of the German-French relationship—but how far does this friendship go? The attacks in Paris have resulted in an outpouring of solidarity across the world. The shock has been felt particularly profoundly in Germany, France’s closest neighbor. Angela Merkel, not known for emotional speeches, …Read More

Die Terroranschläge in Paris verändern nicht allein das Leben der Menschen an der Seine, sie verändern Europa, sie verändern Deutschland. Der Terror ist nun auch dort angekommen, wo man ihn lange nicht hat kommen sehen und nicht hat kommen sehen wollen. Als die USA von den Terroranschlägen des 11. September 2001 getroffen wurden, war die …Read More

In 1969, when I was elected national chairman of the Young Socialists (Jungsozialisten – Jusos), the SPD youth organization, the future US ambassador to Germany John Kornblum was a young diplomat stationed in Bonn. Many years later, he told me that after this Young Socialist congress, American diplomats had been gripped by the fear of …Read More

In the current state of flux of an international order, China has emerged as the key new player that is exerting increasing influence on global governance while Germany has joined the United States as core actors of the “West,” shaped and supported by its role in dealing with financial and security crises alike, from the …Read More

Congratulations to Dr. William G. Gray of Purdue University, the recipient of the 2015 DAAD Prize for Distinguished Scholarship in German and European Studies, for his outstanding academic work in the field of Politics and International Relations. Dr. Gray is one of the leading American Cold War historians, and profoundly knowledgeable on German politics and …Read More

It’s difficult to ascertain the best course of action in dealing with the Islamic State. The Middle East and the actors are convoluted, at best. One certainty is that the group, which is responsible for genocide, slavery, terrorism, and brutal means of enforcement, is deeply steeped in radical Islam. The Islamic State’s main objective is …Read More

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