Foreign & Domestic Policy Program

Explores the factors shaping important foreign and domestic policy debates in the United States, Germany, and Europe as they pertain to German-American relations. The Foreign & Domestic Policy Program includes analysis of International Security Issues concentrating on projects assessing risk in transatlantic relations, including risk identification, risk management, and risk communication. The program attempts to gain insight into appropriate reactions and responses to a variety of transatlantic challenges, including financial, security and defense, climate, immigration, and terrorism. Under the topic Energy and Climate Policy it examines European energy security and energy strategies for the future.

Discussing the Future of Transatlantic Dialogue on Data Privacy with Dr. Günter Krings

“The possible size of the [surveillance] programs has shocked people.” AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes sits down with Dr. Günter Krings, Parliamentary State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, to talk about promoting further transatlantic dialogue on data privacy issues.  

The Reform of the German Renewable Energy Act in 2014


 Introduction On 11 July 2014 the Bundesrat (the upper house of the German parliament) passed a reform of Germany’s renewable energy law. The reform subsequently went into effect on 1 August 2014.[1] The original law, the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (Renewable Energy Act or EEG), was first adopted in 2000. Coupled with Germany’s decision in… Read more >

Iran and the International Community: Negotiations and Future Challenges

Sep 15 Register

Vienna talks between the P5+1 and Iran over its nuclear program have gained ground this past year, but have been overshadowed by events in the Middle East and elsewhere.  The panelists will address the negotiations to date and offer perspectives on Iran and the challenges for the way forward, particularly in reintegrating… Read more >

Germany’s Unwanted Man


Twice burned by American intelligence, Germany’s pride is wounded and its officials seethe with frustration. This is the state of German-American relations after the monitoring of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s calls and last month’s expulsion of a top CIA official from Berlin. It also is a synopsis of the recent film adaptation of… Read more >

Germany’s Future Iraq Involvement: U-Turn or Continuity?


Since U.S. President Barack Obama’s decision to bomb Sunni extremists in Iraq, German public opinion has debated whether to get involved and if so, why. In its initial reaction to the crisis, the German government, sensing that its citizens would prefer to stay out of any new international entanglement, tried to suggest… Read more >

Rebuilding the Relationship: The Undeniable Ties Between the United States and Germany


In the wake of the recent espionage scandal, it is time for the U.S. and Germany to start cleaning up the damage and rebuild the relationship. Geopolitical hotheads on both sides of the Atlantic seem to forget two critical parameters: For the U.S., Germany is far too important as a national power,… Read more >

The Future Europe – With Germany in Charge?

In May 1989, U.S. President George H.W. Bush gave a speech in Mainz, West Germany, inviting—or challenging—Germany to be a “partner in leadership” with the United States. Many Germans greeted the American president’s words with trepidation, fearing in part how others in Europe and in Moscow might react to the American charge… Read more >

Coordinating and Cooperating Intelligence Services: Next Steps

Aug 21

On August 21, 2014, the AICGS Foreign & Domestic Policy Program hosted Dr. Günter Krings, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of the Interior, for a roundtable discussion. Moderated by Dr. Jackson Janes, President of AICGS, the discussion focused on the clashes between Berlin and Washington over surveillance issues. The line… Read more >

AICGS Notizen Daily: August 11, 2014

A snapshot of “the Latest in German-American Relations,” this aggregate of major news and analysis across all issue areas will appears on the AICGS Notizen Blog at mid-day (EST) on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Setting the Stage for a U.S.-German Partnership Befitting the Twenty-First Century

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama were right to pull the plug on the emotional debate over intelligence gathering and task their chiefs of staff, Peter Altmaier and Denis McDonough, with finding a solution to the conflict. This process will need time, thorough attention, and the willingness to embark on a… Read more >