Explores the factors shaping important foreign and domestic policy debates in the United States, Germany, and Europe as they pertain to German-American relations and the German role in the international arena. The Foreign & Domestic Policy Program includes analysis of International Security Issues, including the twenty-first century challenge of Cybersecurity. It examines local and national Elections, and the role of Leadership in transatlantic policymaking. The program attempts to gain insight into appropriate reactions and responses to a variety of transatlantic challenges, including the German-American relationship with China, security and defense, climate, energy, immigration, intelligence, health care, terrorism, and relations with the Middle East, including Turkey.

A weekly round-up of news and happenings in German-American relations. Business and Economics German banks exploited a legal loophole that allowed two parties to claim ownership of the same shares. (Reuters) Volkswagen shareholders air grievances at their annual meeting. Management bonuses, sagging profits and an emissions scandal have all caused the company’s stock to plunge. …Read More

On the eve of the UK referendum that would decide the country’s membership in the EU, Bruce Stikes, Director of Global Economic Attitudes at Pew Research Center, sits down with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes to discuss the public sentiment about the EU in domestic and international affairs reflected in recent poll results. Referring to …Read More

Military and civilian reconstruction engagement in Afghanistan has had a significant impact on U.S.-German relations. Whilst the United States and overall NATO engagements have received much attention in international media and scholarly debate, the German contribution has arguably been somewhat downplayed and, at times, negatively criticized. The criticism was perhaps justified in the early stages …Read More

A weekly round-up of news and happenings in German-American relations. Business and Economics The prospect of Britons voting to leave the EU next week fueled global market upheaval on Tuesday, with investors rushing for safety and sending the UK currency and stocks to their lowest levels in months. (Financial Times) A vote to leave the …Read More

The self-proclaimed “Islamic State (IS)” has been attracting a record number of Westerners in the past years largely due to the group’s deployment of sophisticated online propaganda. Alexander Ritzmann will discuss the key narratives of IS propaganda and how to counter them effectively. He will also talk about the recent shift in the IS recruitment …Read More

A weekly round-up of news and happenings in German-American relations. Business and Economics Progressing in the diesel scandal, Volkswagen is proceeding with the conversion of their diesel-powered vehicles. (FAZ) Yields in the Eurozone corporate bond market have hit new lows as the European Central Bank enters as a giant buyer. The ECB is forecasted to …Read More

In an interview with the Göttinger Institut für Demokratieforschung published on June 9, 2016, AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes discusses the state of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, its potential implications on U.S. foreign policy, and German-American relations in a rapidly changing world. Watch the interview here.

The war in Afghanistan is notable for two major things: it is the longest war in American history, and it has enjoyed as many accomplishments as it has been beset by disappointments. The lessons learned may take far longer than the war itself…whenever and however it is defined as over. Coalition Challenges in Afghanistan (Gale Mattox …Read More

Jeder Vortrag, jeder Artikel fängt heutzutage mit demselben Satz an: Es geht der Wirtschaft eigentlich sehr gut. Von der Krise fast erholt. Handel und Technologie florieren. ABER   die Menschen sind unzufrieden und die Politiker sind Ratlos. Löhne stagnieren, Arbeitsplätze werden vernichtet, internationale Konkurrenz wird immer bedrohlicher. Man wird damit in den USA, in Deutschland und …Read More

Amid increasing concerns on global climate change, Dr. Katja Biedenkopf, DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the University of Leuven, discusses the politics of current global climate negotiations with AICGS President Dr. Jackson Janes. She points out that, despite the achievement of the recent Paris Agreement, more serious commitments from governments around the world …Read More

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