Following the German elections on September 24, Chancellor Merkel has faced a challenging task in forging a coalition made up of four political parties which did not anticipate becoming partners in government. As negotiations unfold it remains clear that finding common ground is difficult and will require weeks of negotiation. Our agenda will offer an …Read More

In anticipation of the German elections on September 24, AICGS hosted a group of experts from the NRW School of Governance at the University of Duisburg-Essen to discuss the issues and influences which will shape the electoral race over the coming weeks. Led by Prof Karl Korte, we welcomed four additional experts from his team …Read More

In the face of growing challenges to an open, rules-based global economic order, there is a need to identify new ideas and narratives about the importance of international economic engagement for the United States, Germany, and the European Union. Ahead of the G20 summit in Hamburg in July under the current German presidency, AICGS will …Read More

Following the U.S. presidential election on November 8, the debates over economic and foreign policy issues in the U.S. will reverberate well beyond the United States. Several key issues and questions are at stake for the U.S. and Germany, including shared challenges across the Atlantic: terrorist threats, the turbulence in the Middle East, and the …Read More

As the American voters evaluate their choice for the White House on November 8, the debates over economic and foreign policy issues in the U.S. all through the campaign toward Election Day will reverberate well beyond the United States. AICGS and Deutsche Börse are pleased to present a special forum to examine key issues at …Read More

On November 5, 2015, AICGS convened its fourth annual symposium at Deutsche Bank in New York, which centered on the millennial generation’s role in the evolution of the German-American relationship. The participants focused in particular on the challenges facing international organizations and the young generation’s perception of those institutions. The first panel explored why the …Read More

AICGS held its third Annual Symposium on Monday, December 15, 2014 in New York City. This Symposium, held the same day as the AICGS Global Leadership Award Dinner, explored Germany and America’s roles in shaping the emerging global order and discussed new avenues for transatlantic cooperation. The keynote speaker was Robert B. Zoellick, Former President of …Read More