On December 12, 2015, AICGS hosted a seminar with DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow Liana Fix, who presented her research on “German Leadership toward Russia and the Challenge of Transatlantic Unity.” Germany’s leadership role during the Ukraine conflict and its principled normative stance toward Russia has been a surprise to many observers in Europe and the U.S. …Read More

On 3 December 2015, AICGS convened a seminar with DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow Dr. May-Britt U. Stumbaum, who presented her findings on the benefits and challenges of transatlantic cooperation on China. With their diverging response to the Chinese-initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) seen as backlash to the transatlantic relationship, the United States and Germany have …Read More

On 27 October 2015, AICGS convened a seminar with DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow Georg Menz, who presented his findings on “Center Right Parties and Immigration in Germany and the United States.” Dr. Menz began his presentation by explaining that most of the existing literature on immigration policy has focused on the position of far-right parties. He, …Read More

On September 11, 2015, AICGS convened a seminar with Harry and Helen Gray Reconciliation Fellow Hubert Leber, who presented his project on “Reconciliation in Times of Crisis: German-Israeli Affairs under Helmut Schmidt and Menachem Begin.” His project centered on a critically important time in German-Israeli relations, the late 1970s and early 1980s, a period that …Read More

The tourism boom in China that began in the late 1970s was as much a political as an economic project. Historical narratives promoted at tourist sites exert a major influence on popular historical memory and, through this, disseminate formulations about what China is and what it means to be Chinese. In this seminar, Visiting PhD …Read More

AICGS’ seminar on bilingual education in the United States and Islamic religious instruction in Germany with Dr. Girma Parris, DAAD/AICGS research fellow, used several case studies from both countries to analyze how two factors, elites’ historic views toward the two policy areas and the relative closed or open-ness of the policymaking systems, to explain why …Read More

On July 9, AICGS hosted a roundtable discussion on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with a delegation from the German Bundestag as well as representatives of the AFL-CIO and the German trade union IG Metall. The discussion revolved around the question as to whether TTIP would represent a race to the bottom or …Read More

The AICGS Foreign & Domestic Policy Program; Goethe-Institut Washington; and the Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution at James Madison’s Montpelier are pleased to invite you to the following seminar: On June 17, 2015, AICGS hosted Professor Russell Miller, co-author of The Constitutional Jurisprudence of the Federal Republic of Germany (2012), for a discussion on …Read More

During his time at AICGS in Washington DC, DAAD/AICGS Research Fellow Dr. Thomas O’Donnell conducted interviews with U.S. experts and government officials to ascertain their viewpoints on energy security issues facing Germany and the EU.  Each expert was asked to discuss  their analysis of German and larger EU energy vulnerabilities and to give their opinions …Read More

The Ukraine crisis has become a major geopolitical crisis, posing a severe threat to stability in Europe and bringing East-West relations back to a modus operandi from the Cold War, with the United States and the EU responding to the crisis with sanctions on Russia. During the seminar “Searching for Strategy in the Ukraine Crisis,” …Read More

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