German chancellor Angela Merkel is nothing if not the embodiment of pragmatism. It is time that she demonstrates that trait with regard to Greece. In 2009, the chancellor did a pivot on the matter of economic stimulus. More recently, she changed course on her policy on the minimum wage as well as her position on …Read More

The international environment that produced the First World War exactly one hundred years ago was a struggle for “places in the sun” as countries competed for colonial lands. The settlement after the war was complicated by secret agreements to redraw borders and acquire territory. Efforts to end such land grabs once and for all—the tales …Read More

None of the parties involved in the ongoing crisis in Ukraine have entirely clean hands, but that does not signify equivalence. Had Russia taken action to ensure just the security of its military bases and fleet amid the uncertainties in Ukraine in late February and used that leverage to get guarantees both from Kiev and …Read More

An article in the German Council on Foreign Relations’ journal Internationale Politik by the journalist Elizabeth Pond stated boldly that, “This week will go down in history as the moment when the Post World War II attainment of a long peace on the bloody European continent was shattered.” The volte face presented by Crimea is …Read More

Although Chancellor Angela Merkel’s selection of the previous Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Ursula von der Leyen, as Minister of Defense last month was a huge surprise—especially to her predecessor—the energy and boldness von der Leyen has exhibited in the first month holding that portfolio has not been. Von der Leyen, the first woman …Read More