Mr. Ibrahim Kareem is a research intern at AICGS during for the spring of 2017. He writes for the AICGS Notizen Blog, conducts research for current projects and resident fellows, manages databases, operates front desk duties, as well as helps with organizing and documenting events.

Mr. Kareem is currently enrolled in Lund University, Sweden pursuing his master’s degree in European Studies. The program covers a wide range of topics from European identity and memory to the politics and workings of the European Union. His current research interests include transatlantic relations, European and national identities, and how the ongoing refugee crisis impacts the EU.

Prior to joining AICGS, Mr. Kareem gained professional experience as an elementary school English teacher based in Seoul, South Korea. He holds a dual BA in international relations and Middle Eastern studies from Florida State University, where he focused on Arabic language, culture, and politics. Mr. Kareem traveled with the Ibrahim Leadership and Dialogue Project to the Middle East to meet with organizations and leaders in the Middle East working to overcome religious, cultural, ethnic, and political prejudice and hostility in the region.