The German and American public education systems differ substantially. American students who attend public high schools can enroll in classes in a wide range of subjects. Regardless of whether they are high-achieving, academically-driven individuals or students with interests more pertaining to trade-related or vocational careers, students may elect to enroll in courses ranging from carpentry …Read More

Angela Merkel wants more Europe.  Despite the widespread skepticism among Germans about many of their European partners and their ability to measure up to German standards of fiscal responsibility, the Chancellor wants more Europe. She also wants to assign more authority to Europe, i.e. to the EU or the structures which make up the complicated …Read More

In 2011, Volkswagen AG (VW) delivered 2.3 million cars in China, accounting for 27 percent of its total sales by volume. The importance of the Chinese market to VW, coupled with the unique difficulty of doing business in the People’s Republic’s partially state-run economy, explains VW’s creation of a new Group Board of Management functional …Read More

Despite facing similar challenges, the United States and Germany continually diverge in their creation of energy policy. Mr. Aki Kachi argues that Germany pursues risk-averse energy policy, citing the nation’s decision to phase out its nuclear power plants by 2022 and the Energiewende, a large-scale movement to develop renewable energy.  Conversely, U.S. energy policy, Mr. …Read More

This week, Volkswagen (VW) announced wage increases for over 100,000 workers in six of its plants in western Germany. Representatives of IG Metall and upper management of VW reached this agreement in a second round of deliberations on Thursday. In addition to the 4.3% annual wage increase, the company agreed to the trade union’s proposal …Read More

With climate change at the forefront of many political discussions, many view geoengineering as a necessary complement to emissions reductions initiatives to combat this issue.  Geoengineering, refers to a large-scale effort to modify the environment in order to mitigate the impacts of global climate change.  Instances of geoengineering take many forms, ranging from Solar Radiation …Read More

Judging from what the media have made of the latest gathering of European leaders in Brussels, it came close to a disaster. No decision about Eurobonds or growth was taken. The big elephant in the room – Greece − was barely mentioned. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new French President Francois Hollande exchanged the customary …Read More

Despite NATO’s reaffirmed commitment to promote peace and security, Ms. Ann-Kristin Otto argues that member states’ divergent opinions on how to address threats, the specter of unrewarding military engagements, and crippling impacts of the international financial crisis pose serious challenges to the basis of international solidarity on which the organization depends. With many European nations …Read More

Heads of State and Government will be gathering in Chicago this weekend for the 2012 NATO Summit, which will be the first to take place on U.S. soil in 13 years. A number of crucial items will be on the agenda, as leaders seek to provide some tangible answers to an array of security questions …Read More

He has done it again. British Prime Minister David Cameron has publicly voiced his deep concerns about the euro zone. London now openly fears a breakup of the common currency and is urging the Continent to integrate further to avoid collapse. In a video conference call on Thursday, Cameron spoke with his German, French and …Read More

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