A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


The decline of the Swiss private bank (The Financial Times)

China’s ghost in Europe’s telecom machine (Politico)

Draghi dragging up the rear (Handelsblatt)

U.S. criticizes Germany’s support of new Russian natural gas line (The Wall Street Journal)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

‘One Planet’ climate summit gets underway in Paris (Deutsche Welle)

5 takeaways from Alabama’s special election (Politico)

Putin says U.S. gripped by fabricated spymania, praises Trump (Reuters)

FCC votes to repeal net-neutrality rules (The Wall Street Journal)

Society, Culture & Politics

In Europe and in North America, public more supportive than experts of direct democracy (Pew Research Center)

Asymmetric nation: Politically, East and West Germany will never match (Handelsblatt)

German protests prompt fear of rising anti-Semitism (Financial Times)