A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


US rejects China’s bid for ‘market economy’ status (Wall Street Journal)

Euro zone reform: Weak or not, Berlin can still say ‘Nein’ (Handelsblatt)

As OPEC extends output cuts, Asia turns to North America for more oil (Reuters)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

US calls on Germany to cut diplomatic ties with North Korea (Deutsche Welle)

Donald Trump’s Muddled East: America’s neglect and confusion aggravate problems in the Arab world (The Economist)

Rexit: Secretary of State Tillerson could soon get the boot (Foreign Policy)

Senate Republicans take major procedural step toward passing tax bill (The Guardian)

Society, Culture & Politics

After 12 years of leadership, Merkel fatigue spreads in Germany (Financial Times)

Germany, democracy and the West: The end of the end of history  (Der Spiegel)

Guerilla artists build Holocaust memorial next to far-right leader’s home  (Deutsche Welle)

Weinstein fallout: German, female, speaking out (Handelsblatt)