A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


German business confidence at an all-time high (Deutsche Welle)

Europe’s chances for wage boom look slim (The Wall Street Journal)

Investors waiting in the wings as bankrupt Air Berlin makes final flight (Deutsche Welle)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Administration begins to implement Russia sanctions under new U.S. law (The Wall Street Journal)

As State Department withers, so does diversity in top ranks (Foreign Policy)

Why is the United States in Niger, anyway? (Foreign Policy)

Far-right AfD enters German Parliament: What it means for German politics (Deutsche Welle)

US opioid crisis: Donald Trump outlines plan to tackle health emergency (Deutsche Welle)

Society, Culture & Politics

“Babylon Berlin” could be the next big German export (The Economist)

Fears of fake news overshadowed its effect – in Germany (Deutsche Welle)

The Reformation, 500 years later (NPR)