A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


ECB says Eurozone set for fastest growth since 2007 (BBC)

U.S. Senate approves doubling disaster aid package, extending borrowing limit (Washington Post)

Equifax data breach may affect up to 143 million American consumers (The Wall Street Journal)

Foreign & Domestic Policy

Four options Congress could take to save DACA (NPR)

Battle for German election will be won in the centre (The Guardian)

European Court of Justice dismisses refugee quota challenge by Slovakia and Hungary (Die Welle)

Study finds Germany is set to miss 2020 climate goals by a wide margin (Reuters)

Germany prepares for possible election meddling by Russians (Spiegel)

Society, Culture & Politics

Poem on Berlin college wall sparks sexism debate (Die Welle)

Germany climbs in development ranking by taking in refugees (Reuters)

Popularity of German philosophy may become its undoing (Foreign Policy)