A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder Takes Seat on Rosneft Board (Die Welle)

German Jobless Rate Falls Once More (Die Welle)

Deutsche Bank Rating Cut by Fitch (Bloomberg)

Global Food Fight: he Unstoppable Rise of Aldi and Lidl (Handelsblatt)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Rise of German Far-Right Party Causes Alarm in Israel (Die Welle)

Running Europe: The Spotlight Shifts from Germany to France (The Economist)

‘Revenge of the East’? How Anger in the Former GDR Helped the AfD (Die Welle)

Society, Culture & Politics

Historian Moshe Zimmermann: ‘AfD’s success comparable to the rise of the Nazis’ (Die Welle)

Western Politics is Experiencing a Global Backlash Against Cosmopolitanism (Handelsblatt)

The Future of Germany’s Social Democrats (Foreign Affairs)

As Scrutiny Of Social Networks Grows, Influence Attacks Continue In Real Time (NPR)