A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


Autobahn Row Hits German Election (The Guardian)

German Election Campaign Shaken Up By Thyssenkrupp-Tata Deal (Bloomberg)

Fed Poised to Set Porfolio Reduction Plan in Motion (Wall Street Journal)

Jockeying for the Finance Post (Handelsblatt)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Going into Election, Germans are Happy With Their Economy and Political Establishment (Pew Research Center)

Chancellor Angela Merkel: There is a clear disagreement with Trump on North Korea (Die Welle)

The Role of Small Parties in Germany’s Elections (Foreign Affairs)

Society, Culture & Politics

There is Meddling in Germany’s Election – Not by Russia but by US Right Wing (USA Today)

German Resistance Hero Inspires Anti-Trump Street Art (Die Welle)

Why German Politics Struggles to Translate to Screen (Die Welle)

How Germany is Integrating its Refugees (The Economist)