A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


German carmakers face new scandal over antitrust issues (New York Times)

German unemployment edges up in summer job market lull (Deutsche Welle)

Lufthansa macht Rekordgewinn (Spiegel Online)

Bitcoin divides to rule (The Economist)

Foreign & Domestic Policy

Russia’s military drills near NATO border raise fears of aggression (New York Times)

Berlin ‘abduction’ of Vietnamese businessman sparks spat (Deutsche Welle)

Bundesbehörde verschlief Abschiebefrist für Attentäter (Spiegel Online)

Angela Merkel and Germany are taking the lead on global health (STAT News)

The justice department says people can be fired for being gay (The Economist)

Society, Culture & Politics

Trump blames Congress for poor U.S. relations with Russia (New York Times)

Donald Trump backs ‘devastating’ curb of legal immigration (Deutsche Welle)

Germany’s Social Democrats tackle Angela Merkel on Turkey (Deutsche Welle)

Spaghetti monster church can’t advertise its ‘noodle masses’ in Germany (New York Post)