A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations


How Chinese overcapacity hits American workers (The Economist)

Campaigning for a ‘Strong and Stable’ German Economy (The Wall Street Journal)

What the German economic model can teach Emmanuel Macron (The Economist)

Germany threatens retaliation if U.S. sanctions harm its firms (Reuters)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Justices to Hear Major Challenge to Partisan Gerrymandering (New York Times)

Russia Warns U.S. After Downing of Syrian War Plane (New York Times)

European Union extends Crimea sanctions by another year (Deutsche Welle)

Brussels on high alert as extra security deployed at landmarks, events (Deutsche Welle)

Hamburg Girds for 100,000 G-20 Protestors (Der Spiegel)

Society, Culture & Politics

Greens set election program (Deutsche Welle)

Schulz fehlt die Angriffsfläche (Die Zeit)

Women in Germany still facing gender injustices (Deutsche Welle)

The Dangerous Nationalism of Europe’s Left (Der Spiegel)