A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

Germany to take legal action if Trump taxes imports (DW)

Germany should ditch austerity, embrace EU investment: Gabriel (The Business Times)

China’s Taxes on Imported Cars Feed Trade Tensions With U.S. (NYT)

Business groups draw battle lines over Obamacare replacement (CNBC)

Melting business: Warmer U.S. winter hurts small companies (USA Today)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

Merkel’s goal for Trump meeting: selling German cars, not saving global order (The Guardian)

Conservatives claim votes to stop GOP Obamacare repeal (Politico)

German Defense Ministry contradicts Trump, says it doesn’t owe U.S. money for NATO (The Washington Post)

US electronics ban for Middle East flights draws doubts (Aljazeera)

Society, Culture & Politics

Have Germany’s Social Democrats found a winner in Martin Schulz? (The Guardian)

Even Germany’s Post Office Is Building an Electric Car (Bloomberg)

Germany tests world’s largest ‘artificial sun’ (DW)

In Germany, right-wing violence flourishing amid surge in online hate (The Washington Post)