A Collection from This Week’s News on Important Issues for German-American Relations

Business and Economics

German gold repatriation ahead of schedule (DW)

Germany urges more investments in Africa (DW)

Uncertainty surrounding Trump’s travel ban hurting airlines, U.S. tourism (CBS News)

World stocks extend gains sparked by Trump tax cut vow (The Washington Post)

Germany’s Global Trade Surplus Hits Record in 2016 (The Wall Street Journal)

Foreign and Domestic Policy

For Europe, There’s a new Threat in Town: The U.S. (NY Times)

For Germany, Trump poses a Problem With No Clear Solution (NY Times)

Trump shakes his fist, but is US foreign policy actually changing? (CNN)

Germany’s Gabriel reassured on U.S. policy after Washington trip (Reuters)

Will Pax Germania replace Pax Americana? (The Los Angeles Times)

Society, Culture and Politics

How a Refugee’s Selfie with Merkel Led to a Facebook Lawsuit (NY Times)

Germany, France agree on transnational self-driving test zone (DW)

Trump is our first reality TV president. So how could his victory change reality TV? (The Washington Post)

Patriotism and protests part of Super Bowl kickoff (Reuters)