In his essay for LSE IDEAS’ Special Report “New Challenges, New Voices: Next Generation Viewpoints on Transatlantic Relations,” AICGS Senior Research Associate Parke Nicholson offers his views on the future of the transatlantic relationship.

Many fear the transatlantic partnership is drifting apart. Disputes over policy, privacy, and security make it seem like the community of common values has eroded. Populism in the United States and Europe has further unsettled the political landscape. However, the emergence of a more global, diverse generation is an opportunity for policymakers seeking to reframe and strengthen relations to confront common challenges.  This chapter highlights several U.S. perspectives on politics and values with respect to transatlantic relations, focusing on two trends that will shape U.S. politics and relations with Europe in the coming decades – the attitudes of Millennials (Generation Y) and the U.S. debate about immigration and asylum.