Timothy Snyder’s latest book, Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning, presents exactly those two narratives. His review of how the Holocaust emerged and evolved has been and remains the subject not only of Snyder’s earlier work, but also of volumes of research, which will never run out of time or need. In his …Read More

The subtitle of this book, written by a former Research Fellow at AICGS, is “Berlin’s Quest for a More Perfect Monetary Union.” The author has reviewed Germany’s efforts to find solutions to the challenges that have plagued the euro zone over the past several years. He essentially concludes that Berlin has to make some hard …Read More

Versöhnung – verstanden als ein Prozess der Umwandlung von Feindschaft in Freundschaft und der Aufarbeitung einer unmittelbaren deutschen Vergangenheit von Barbarei, vielfachen Kriegsverbrechen im Zweiten Weltkrieg und dem Holocaust – ist ein langer, schwieriger, umstrittener und nicht immer linearer Prozess gewesen. An zahlreichen Stationen entlang dieses schwierigen Weges haben Institutionen eine entscheidende Rolle gespielt: als …Read More

German-Israeli relations against the background of Europeanization transpire at multiple levels. This essay begins with the context, and then turns to the content of the link between the German-Israeli relationship and the European framework. Finally it addresses the idea of comparison, of whether other “special relationships” compete with or complement the German-Israeli relationship, both within …Read More

On March 16, 2016, the London Stock Exchange Group and Deutsche Börse unveiled a deal to merge the two companies. The deal will create one of the world’s largest exchange operators, rivaling current market operations in the U.S. and China. According to the Financial Times, the move was designed to “fight off interlopers and persuade …Read More

While many Americans were focused on the primaries underway in the U.S., on March 13, Germans in three states went to the polls to elect their state governments.  The first major elections since the refugee crisis began, many saw Sunday’s outcomes as indicative of the changes underway in Germany’s party system and as a commentary …Read More

In spite of the wide-spread, largely foreign, media reaction to the three state elections, the sky did not fall on March 13. Chancellor Merkel’s unprecedented decision to welcome over one million refugees, which has certainly challenged the Federal Republic’s cultural, social, and political institutions, was not rejected by voters.  Indeed about two-thirds of the electorate …Read More

In the U.S., New Orleans police will no longer cooperate with federal immigration enforcement, thus enacting what are deemed “sanctuary city” policies likely to face pushback from opponents.  Until recently, the NOPD actively participated in immigration sweeps and detained suspected illegal immigrants. The new policy, enacted 28 February 2016, forbids officers from so much as …Read More

In advance of this Sunday’s state-level elections in three German states, The New York Times analyzes how the migrant crisis is building support for far-right leader Frauke Petry and her Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.  The party’s success this Sunday could be a bellwether for the year ahead both in terms of immigration policy and Merkel’s …Read More

In the United States, state-level immigration reform is seeing progress.  Undocumented immigrants in New York state will now be able to apply for teacher certification and professional licenses from the state education department, the state Board of Regents voted on Wednesday.  Only certain individuals who came to the U.S. as children are qualified.  Because these …Read More

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