The recent death of Richard von Weizsäcker is an occasion to reflect on the role he played in shaping Germany’s ability to come to grips with its past and face its future. In his many professional capacities, but most assuredly as President from 1984-1994, Richard von Weizsäcker articulated the challenges Germans confronted in building and strengthening the Federal Republic, in both the era of its division during the last years of the Cold War and in the era of unification which followed.

In 1992, AICGS published a collection of his most important speeches as President: Speeches for Our Time. We present that volume here again in tribute to his legacy. The introduction was written by historian David Clay Large and is as informative today as it was then. While the speech in May of 1985 commemorating the fortieth anniversary of the end of WWII is perhaps the most famous, Richard von Weizsäcker’s additional speeches included in this volume remain equally worth remembering.

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