Business and Economics Bank Stability Review: Merkel Misleads German Public (Spiegel): Taxpayers would never again have to bail out big banks, declared Angela Merkel at the G20 summit in Australia. This report checks the facts: Is the Chancellor telling the truth? America’s Standing Order for Germany (FAZ): Just before the critical G20 summit in Australia, …Read More

Business and Economics Top-Economist Wants to Split the Euro-Zone in Two (Welt): Many experts want to solve Europe’s issues with increased spending. The U.S. central bank critic Allan Meltzer proposes two separate currencies instead. Foreign Trade: Record of German Export Surplus to the United States (Welt): The German economy has again exported more goods than …Read More

Prof. Dr. Raimund Bleischwitz, a DAAD/AICGS research fellow in May and June 2013, has recently published a paper in the journal Global Environmental Politics, building on his research conducted while at AICGS. In his essay “Transparency in the Extractive Industries: Time to Ask for More,” Prof. Dr. Bleischwitz discusses efforts to establish financial transparency in …Read More

This is a story about the secret of freedom—courage.  Germans in Leipzig courageously faced down a regime that had killed fellow citizens, whose only crime was to seek freedom and escape over the Berlin Wall. East German leader Erich Honecker predicted in January 1989 that the Berlin Wall would last 100 years. Would it? In …Read More