Interviewing with Deutschlandfunk, AICGS Trustee and former U.S. Ambassador to Germany John Kornblum gave context to the growing revelations of U.S. surveillance in Germany and around the world. In light of recent allegations that the National Security Agency wiretapped Angela Merkel’s personal cellphone – alongside many other top political leaders – Ambassador Kornblum emphasized the extreme pressure the U.S. intelligence community and the president are under. Taking place on October 25, 2013, the original audio (flash) is also available via Deutschlandfunk’s archive (see also the MP3 format for incompatible browsers).

Read Transcript (in German)

  • Rob Houck

    Wow. Glad I was not in JK’s shoes. Just reading the interview makes one uncomfortable. The US HAS this capacity. If/when another 9-11 occurs, politicians will ask, why didn’t we know. If the answer is that the planning was done in Germany and we do not collect (readily available) information on our friends the Germans, we stopped because they do not like it, heads will roll. And people will be dead. Perhaps that is a risk we should accept. I was glad to see that former #2 at the CIA says torture was not consistent with US values.

  • Do you really think wiretapping Angela Merkel’s cellphone would reveal secret intelligence about acts of terrorism? If she had such knowledge she would have shared this with US-authorities immediately. Manic mistrust in partnerships bears always a risk of desastrous consequences.