This recent essay from Harry & Helen Gray Senior Fellow Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman explores the ever-evolving German-American relationship in the context of the U.S.’ proposed “pivot” toward Asia under the current Obama administration. While many believe that Japan will become America’s key ally as it attempts to hedge against a rising China, Dr. Feldman argues that this is simply not the case. As European-U.S. relations continue to strengthen, especially through the newly proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, Germany will prove to play a crucial role as a top U.S. ally, due largely in part to its successful and comprehensive policy of reconciliation with its neighbors.

This essay originally appeared in Weltzeit, the magazine of Deustche Welle, as part of their 60th anniversary series examining key issues for Germany.

“Der wichtigste Partner”: German Version; “German, not Japan, as Essential Partner of the United States”: English Version