How mobile are workers in the euro currency area? Everyone directly or indirectly involved in devising, designing, and implementing the single European currency had to deal with this question in great depth, with good reason. According to Robert Mundell, winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, one of the elementary characteristics of an optimum currency …Read More

The Road to the Present Why was the West surprised about the escalation in Ukraine? What went wrong on our side? And what conclusions do we need to draw from a sober analysis? Over many years we did not sufficiently support the pro-Western oriented social forces in Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, and Georgia. Since the …Read More


The German government’s decision to provide arms and military equipment to aid the Kurdish Regional Government in its fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant provides further evidence of its greater willingness to take on responsibility for international peace and security. The move will be welcomed by Germany’s allies and partners, who …Read More