Twenty years after the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the Federal Republic of Germany, the late Ambassador of Israel to Germany (1974-1981) Yohanan Meroz, published a book (originally published in German) with the Hebrew title “Was It to No Avail?” Ambassador Meroz, who was one of the best and brightest diplomats of the …Read More

While most of Europe has been obsessed with the Greek crisis over the past weeks, another crisis is continuing to threaten the continent with dangers that go well beyond the survival of a common currency. Ukraine is walking a narrow path between survival and failure while its partners are distracted and its opponents are gathering …Read More

The centennial anniversary of the Armenian genocide and the seventieth anniversary of World War II’s end in Europe and in the Pacific permit fresh, cross-cutting and comparative discussion regarding how those histories are remembered by societies and are recorded by historians. On January 15, 2015, AICGS joined with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Washington Office,  the Carnegie Endowment …Read More