What are elements of a successful apprenticeship system? To what degree should businesses be engaged in educating their workforce, and what other actors should participate in decision-making and evaluation? How can apprenticeship fit within the existing education system? The AICGS project “Employment, Education, and Training: Apprenticeship Models in Europe and the United States” looks to …Read More

Senator Corker, Members of the Committee, I am honored to have been invited to join your hearing on the crisis in Ukraine. I was a frequent guest of this Committee and its members during the 1990s in my role as Assistant Secretary of State and Special Envoy to the Balkans. I look forward to our …Read More

At a time when the challenge in Europe is holding together a common currency under enormous duress, the idea of creating a common European army might seem—at a minimum—a bit premature. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, made headlines this past weekend when he proposed a new run at this old idea. Despite the …Read More