In this analysis from Dr Jürgen Rüttgers, who recently visited AICGS,  the former Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia calls for a new European security architecture.  In light of crises facing the European Union today, he calls on the EU and its member states—including Germany—to be active participants in a multipolar world order.  Europe must resist …Read More

The recent spat between the U.S. administration and the British government over the UK’s decision to join the Chinese-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)–despite U.S. opposition–has triggered much public noise. Initial reactions on the U.S. side went from surprise to outrage, with Washington accusing British cousins of jeopardizing the global order and the “special relationship” in …Read More

For those who make the rounds of conferences on the transatlantic circuit, there is often a tendency to find similar groups assembled around similar topics drawing similar conclusions about the status of transatlantic relations. Agendas and activists overlap, leading to a feeling that the congregation is attending another church service for those already converted. On …Read More