The loss of trust as a result of the NSA disclosures continues to undermine German-American relations. Leaders on both sides are contending with many other international challenges, but risk further damage to transatlantic intelligence and trade relations by ignoring the issue. AICGS Senior Research Associate Parke Nicholson argues in the Baltimore Sun that high-level efforts …Read More

The international environment that produced the First World War exactly one hundred years ago was a struggle for “places in the sun” as countries competed for colonial lands. The settlement after the war was complicated by secret agreements to redraw borders and acquire territory. Efforts to end such land grabs once and for all—the tales …Read More

The European Central Bank (ECB) is getting much closer to what many analysts believe is the inevitable launch of a much broader-based program of asset purchases, also involving sovereign bonds. While it is true that the ECB remains a much more politically sensitive central bank than some of its main counterparts and what big stakeholders, …Read More