Four months after Germans went to the polls to set the stage for a new government, they are finally a step closer. The vote at the January 21 SPD party conference resulted in a slim majority supporting negotiations with the CDU and CSU to form a coalition. The fact that almost half of the 645 …Read More

Harry Katz is lucky.[1] As a man who has had a life-long love of numbers, he knows the odds were stacked against him from the beginning: He was born a Jew in Hitler’s Berlin on March 4, 1933. And yet he survived. As he sits in a penthouse suite of Caesar’s Palace in the gambler’s …Read More

As the German political parties begin negotiations that could lead to yet another Grand Coalition, they should reread one of the best books written on contemporary German political culture, Ralf Dahrendorf’s Society and Democracy in Germany (New York: Doubleday Anchor, 1967). Although published in 1965 in West Germany, it captures the essence of Germany’s long …Read More