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High youth unemployment in the United States and Europe is a result not only of sluggish growth, but also a skills mismatch—the new generation of workers lacks the skills that employers need. Economists now predict a looming shortfall of 3 million skilled U.S. workers by 2018. Meanwhile, there are 2 million job vacancies across the …Read More

Congress is debating the USA FREEDOM Act in the next days. The House approved Representative Jim Sensenbrenner’s version of the law on Wednesday and the Senate is expected to vote on Senator Mike Lee’s companion bill next week. The law requires the American Intelligence Community to fulfill its important mandate within a legal framework of …Read More

Greece barely managed to repay a loan installment to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) this week, only being able to do so by tapping its own buffer reserves at the IMF. The rather unusual repayment method underscores how severe Athens’ liquidity crunch has become in recent months. Things will get even worse in June and …Read More